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*name: stace t.
*sex: f
*bday: 5. 17
*crib: or
*skool: ht
*expertise: listening to music....hangin wit frenz.....sleeping.....checkin out guys aww yea......goin online.....bothering ppl wimma big ol mout....
*latest news: im grounded till dec. yaaaaaaaa not KOOL
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**if u got any good sites IM me or something aiight!!!


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im such a dork yal know that
Sunday. 11.16.03
this day 2 yrs. ago i started liking sean k. just cuz of a dumbass dream i had -dona ask.....

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T-R-O-U-B-L-E - wats that spell???
Friday. 11.14.03
btw -im at skool yaya

i am so busted!!!!!!!!! gerrrrrrrr i havent been on or writing on this weblog for such a long time cuz u know y?? IM GROUNDED!!!!!!!!! ACK!!!! grounded.......haha NOT KOOL!!!!! no internet for at least a month, i guess, and no eyeliner. sob sob!!!! i look like a mess w/out ma kohl! i feel so sadden now. sigh. i am so not into this kinda crap. i got two c’s. i noe that sux but still. and no phone too!!!! ack. its killin me!!!! i hope ma homies at ht in ma class r reading this and im tellin u guys I MISS IMING U GUYS.......yaya thats it.

i met this dude at my orchestra! shut up u guys that think orch. peeps r dorks. well, maybe i am one, but no. w/e. that dint make any sense watsoever. movin on.....hes really really cute but idk his name!!!! how embarassing its killin me again!!!! hey, can u literally die twice? na i didnt think so....

camille if ur reading this u r way obsessed about star signs and that crap. chill out. lol. ew and ew scorpio......ew ew ew ew eeewwww sick, twisted, nasty, disgusting, barf-able, ew SEX!!!!!!!! ok now that i got it out i feel muchos bettaro. hehe.

g2g run ma darlins!!!!!!! **SMOOCHES** xoxo *stace*

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life sux
Monday. 11.3.03
life sux!!!!!!!! ok i have to start alllll over again! my comp crashed! and my aim buddy list was soooooo saved on there and ugh its all gone now! im gonna hafta download aim again and have a dumb sn until i can log onto my old one ugh this is soooooo bugging me!

mary burnt me a tim cd yay!!!!! thanx mary! i owe u much!

i just started my cell project tonight and im dun! yess i feel soooo speciallz! yea....now i gotta do my math and meiosis outline thingamabober yea...life does suck more than i thought!!!! grr

well thats it for now......cya later when my comp is back to normal, sorta -xoxo *stace*

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Saturday. 11.1.03
wowzers.....halloween was tonz of fun! i went trick-or-treating with SOME PPL and um, we went at 6.30 til around like, 9.30 or something? yea it was a lot of fun! we got a lot of candy and we saw pat dooris from kgw! i was like, omg ive seen u on the news before! and hes like yea kool thanx for watching! hehe it was awesome......good times

today is camilles bday! happy 13th camille!!!!!!! u r old now! lol jk soon i will b too.....w/e that didnt make any sense yea thats just me! btw --> camille weve had so much fun together!!!!! check out my inside jokes on my buddyprofile k kamil how did u spel that?

xoxo yalz rock hard alwayz and 4eva!!!! *stace*

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only 2 more dayz!
Wednesday. 10.29.03
only 2 more dayz till HALLOWEEN! yay! im so psyched about it!

im at skool now and i just gave my powerpoint presentation~! it was fun!! um, wat class do we have next?? i think its history. ugh. not my favourite..........

i might write later. cuz i have nothing to write about right now. well, actually.....o yea! this morning we had mass in the chapel with the 8th graders. camille made me crack up right before the eucharist! ok she showed me her two thumb nails. lol~!!!!!!!! her right one was short and her left was like, 2 inches long! she put them together and omg, i laughed so much it made mary laugh and she tried to make me breath in, and out, but no, that sorta DIDNT work........hehe

im gonna go look at my buddyprofile now. im gonna add some inside jokes. aww yea buh bye yalz rock hard lyls! *stace*

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wo there tiger
Friday. 10.24.03
ok this is soooooooo wacko -today i was cracking up soo much during science!!! i made mary cry she was sooooo red!!!!! omg mrs. evans was talking about “asexual cells” and omg it was so hilarious. u guys at ht know how she always makes up those lil noises and stuff?? well u remember when she said “ok time to reproduce” omg it was the best!!!!! o and during religion mrs. evans wanted me to read and it was right after i told mario something and then i was cracking up and i couldnt stop while i was reading and mrs. evans got so pissed off shes like, “stacey, wat is wrong with u??” and i said, “uhh...im distracted?” and then she said wat was distracting me and then i said mario and then she said to mario “mario wat r u doing?” and he said nothing 4000 times and then she said o stacey was he just driving u nuts??!!! it was the best!!!!!! u probably wouldnt get it if u wrent in my class but, yea -hahaha....good times....si!~

luv yalz lots lots *stace*

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